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Whether your dog doesn't play well with others, your schedule doesn't allow room for classes, or there's a specific behaviour problem you'd like help with, private lessons might be for you. 

There are various options for private sessions, depending on your needs and budget. You can do an hourly rate, or a discounted package deal. I can also come right to your home!


I am currently on full maternity leave, and am unable to provide dog training services at this time. I will likely begin classes again in the spring of 2024, but I am unsure when I will be able to provide private lessons. [Depends on how finicky this next baby is ;) ] I will keep this page updated once I know more. 

If you need help right away, I have provided a list of other dog trainers who should be able to help you!

Cindy Reid focuses on reactivity and aggression issues of all kinds, so if that’s what you need help with, she is the best choice. Here is her website:

Lisa Peterson does basic obedience, agility, and other fitness training. She is currently holding classes and takes on some private sessions as well. Here is her website: 

Paul's Dog Training offers private sessions for basic obedience and behaviour issues. This is his website:


Are you stuck? You'd like help with your dog, but you're not sure what exactly the problem is. Or you do know what the problem is, but you're not sure what kind of training your dog needs. (Classes/privates/boarding/etc) If you're feeling lost, I'm happy to come evaluate   the problem, and we can figure out the next steps together.

Duration: One 45 min session

Cost: $50



If your dog only has one or two simple problems, and you feel you only need to be pointed in the right direction, you can choose to do privates by the hour. We'll start off with a quick evaulation, and then we'll dive right into the training, where I'll show you how to help your dog. We do as many or as few 1 hour sessions as you'd like, or that the situation calls for. 

Duration: One 1 - 1.5 hour session

Cost: $85



If you'd like to teach your dogs all the basic commands that we learn in Good Manners 1, but your dog doesn't play well with others, or your schedule doesn't fit with set class times, this package is perfect for you. We can work around your schedule while teaching your dog all his basic manners, like sit, down, come, stay, leave it, focus, loose leash, stand, etc. 

Duration: Four 1 hour sessions

Cost: $300



Your dog already knows all his basics, and you'd like to take his training even further, but you can't attend the group classes. In this package, we'll go over everything we do in the Good Manners 2 class while working around your own schedule. We'll use the Canine Good Neighbour Test as our guidelines for training the perfect dog. 

Duration: Five 1 hour sessions

Cost: $350


With this package, you get everything from the Good Manners 1 and the Good Manners 2 packages in one. 

Duration: Nine 1 hour sessions

Cost: $600


Your dog has a few behaviour issues. He jumps up, he barks, he pulls on the leash, he pees in the house, he herds, and/or he doesn't listen to you, etc. In this package, we focus on fixing the specific problems. Depending how many issues you'd like help with, and the specific problem(s) at hand (some are more difficult to fix than others) there are three choices for this package. Each package starts with an evaluation so we can see what we are dealing with and create a game plan. 


Three 1 hour sessions 


Four 1 hour sessions


Five 1 hour sessions


3 = $225

4= $300

5= $375


You're getting a puppy or you just got one, and you'd like some help! With this package, I'll help you overcome common puppy problems like potty training, jumping up, nipping, chewing, etc, and I'll show you how to puppy proof your home. We'll go over all the basic obedience commands, and we'll take the pup out on the town for a socialization day. One free private session for any issues that may come up in the future is also included 

Duration: Five 1 hour sessions, plus a bonus lesson to be used later on

Cost: $400


You have a new pup who needs socialization, or you have an adult dog who is a little nervous around other dogs/people/new places. With this package, we will work together to help your dog learn that the world is a wonderful place.   

Duration: Three 1 hour sessions

Cost: $225


You want to give your pup the world, and with this package, you can! I'll always be there to help you live your best lives together. This package includes 1 puppy problem session, 2 socialization sessions, the entire Good Manners 1 package, the entire Good Manners 2 package, and three private sessions you can use later on if any problem behaviours come up. 

Duration: Fifteen 1 hour sessions

Cost: $1000

If you like the sounds of this package, but you'd rather have your pup attend classes instead of private sessions for Good Manners 1 & 2, the cost is $800

Please contact me to make an appointment. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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