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Does your dog have way too much energy?

Does he chew your house while you’re away or dig up holes in the backyard?


Does he bark constantly or run away when you let him out? 

90% of behavior problems (digging, barking, jumping up, fighting, chewing, running away, not listening, etc) stem from dogs having way too much energy, and no way to release it. They get bored, and so they get into trouble. And unfortunately, between working all day and raising our families, we don’t have enough time to find ways to help them burn that energy.


So let us do it for you! 

Kim’s Clever Canines now offers dog walking to help you live a better life with your dog. Let us take your dog off your hands for a few hours every week so we can give him the exercise he needs for you both to be happy. Never again feel guilty about leaving him home all day while you work. Never again come home to a trashed house  because you didn’t have time to walk your dog.

We have several options, depending on your schedule, and your dog’s needs! 

$20 for 1 hour walk

$30 for 1 hour walk for 2 dogs 

$35 for 1 hour walk for 3 dogs 

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